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Broadening Our Reach and Deepening Our Impact

The average person that participates in counseling gains significant physical health benefits, and they experience less pain, live better, love better, sleep better, feel better and enjoy a much higher quality of life, AND, we all benefit through millions of dollars in societal cost savings!

But there are three areas where you can make a difference!

Broadening Our Reach

Helping the Victims of Human Trafficking


An estimated 56% of human trafficking victims are women and girls

Because of the nature of the crime, victims of trafficking typically have no money to pay for critically needed counseling.Appropriate treatment is complex and takes time and trust.

Agapé is undertaking a comprehensive program of community outreach, education and treatment. Please assist in helping survivors regain their dignity, sense of control and confidence to move forward in their lives.

Helping Military Veterans and their Families Transition to Civilian Life


Incidence of Veterans with PTSD is as high as 30%

Veterans high rate of post-traumatic stress disorder has a tremendous impact on their lives, as well as the lives of family and friends. Veterans feel hopelessness, shame, and despair.

Loss of employment, relationship problems and even homelessness are common. Depression, Anxiety, and Alcohol or Drug Abuse often occur at the same time.

AgapĂ© is playing a significant role in educating the community about the physical, emotional and behavioral symptoms of trauma and adjustment. In collaboration with local veteran’s organizations, we are identifying and treating veterans and their families.

You can help them transition from military to civilian life as healthy and productive citizens by contributing to the cost of counseling where insurance does not cover or those who lack the means to pay.

Deepening Our Impact

Helping those without Insurance or the Means to Pay

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At any given point in time, one in four or five are struggling with a mental health issue, such as anxiety, depression, panic attacks or substance abuse. Only 40% secure the care they so desperately need to become well, often because they can’t afford it.

You can make a difference in the lives of victims of human trafficking,veterans or those who have little or no financial resources by contributing to the Silent Samaritan Fund. In 2017, we provided over 400 hours of pro bono work and over 1,800 hours of counseling for those who qualify for a scholarship, but the need is far greater than we’ve been able to address.

Make A Difference

To contribute to any one of these critical areas, you may mail a check payable to “Agape Silent Samaritan Fund” to the address below or if you would like to contribute by credit card, please complete the donation form below and hit “Donate” to process via our PayPal account. If you would like to specify a specific area of need, please note on your check or in the comment area.

Agape Christian Counseling

Attn: Silent Samaritan Fund

400 Crown Centre Dr., Suite 400

Charlotte, NC 28227

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