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Anna Seiple, BA, Clinical Intern

Anna Seiple, BA is serving as Agapé’s clinical intern beginning in the fall of 2017. She is a student at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary where she is pursuing a Master’s degree in Christian Counseling as well as a degree in Biblical Studies. Anna completed her undergraduate studies at the Ohio State University in 2010. Prior to starting graduate studies, Anna served in campus ministry with Cru for 5 years. During this time in ministry Anna became aware of a desire and need to be better trained to walk alongside others in pain. The Lord led her to pursue studies at Gordon-Conwell in both counseling and Biblical studies.  Those studies will equip her to best utilize both psychological and theological perspectives in her counseling work.

Anna works with adolescents, adults, and couples. She recently finished a two-rotation internship at Forest Hill Care & Counseling. Anna has worked with those struggling with life transitions, depression, anxiety, PTSD, and grief. She additionally worked with a variety of pre-marital couples as a certified Prepare-Enrich facilitator.

Anna enjoys exploring in a myriad of ways and has a passion for travel and adventure. She grew up in upstate New York, Canada, and the Netherlands. Ann loves spending time outside, tap dancing, hiking, playing classical piano, and photography. She and her husband Elijah share a passion for Biblical languages and love a good cup of tea over New Testament Greek and passionate theological discussion.