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Professional Counseling – from a Christian perspective

At Agapé Christian Counseling, we count it a privilege to walk beside every person who comes through the doors. We do the work of counseling because every story matters – every life has value and worth.

We provide a caring and supportive place to share your story. We want to help people tell their story so they can be rescued from a prison of lies and instead experience joy and living out their unique God-given purpose. All too often, our broken and sometimes painful experiences cause us to believe a story of lies. Lies such as “No one cares. You aren’t lovable. You have no worth”.

Resting, even for an hour and sharing your story with a professional counselor, can help bring clarity and understanding. The journey of counseling can be freeing. We learn to release our struggles and instead, breathe in Truth, which allows healing from the inside out.

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Our Counselors are Christians who are highly trained mental health professionals with Masters or PhD degrees and are licensed or pursuing NC licensure. We have 3 locations to serve you – including our newest location in Myers Park!

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Agapé is not just a counseling center

We’re also a 501(c)(3) non-profit.

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